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About Us

About Us

About Us

A Modern Constuction & Industrial Agency

Vialanex specializes in building and high-rise repair services, offering expertise in restoring and maintaining structural integrity with precision.

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Stellar Building Rehabilitation and Garage Maintenance

When it comes to building maintenance, restoration, and repair, our services are unmatchable. We do the following:

Building Envelope

Vialanex takes care of all building envelope services from concrete repairs and masonry repairs to sealant replacement and waterproofing.

Parking Garage Maintenance

We are experts in underground parking garage maintenance. We are skilled at concrete garage repairs, garage waterproofing, as well as garage ramp remediation.

Interesting fact about high-rise repairs

Did you know that high-rise repair often involves the use of advanced rope access techniques, allowing skilled technicians to scale the exterior of skyscrapers without the need for bulky scaffolding? It's an innovative and efficient approach to maintaining and restoring these architectural marvels.

Why We Are Different
What companies do in a matter of months we can do in a matter of weeks. We are able to provide a comprehensive pricing plan within 5 business days, an impressive timespan compared to our competitors. Our Vialanex team works around the clock to finish our projects without ever compromising the quality of work.
Vialanex is a leading company specialised in exterior building restoration, building maintenance, and underground parking garage rehabilitation. We are committed to providing the best building restoration services to our clients in Toronto and the GTA.
We also provide emergency building repairs, both residential and commercial, that many structures require from time to time. We are very responsive and you can always count on us in case your building is in urgent need of a quick fix.
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